Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Slot.Hole.plot

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""@package Methods.Slot.Hole.plot
Hole plot methods
@date Created on Thu Dec 17 13:45:37 2015
@copyright (C) 2015-2016 EOMYS ENGINEERING.
@author pierre_b
@todo unittest it

from matplotlib.patches import Patch
from matplotlib.pyplot import axis, legend

from pyleecan.Functions.init_fig import init_fig
from pyleecan.Methods.Machine import MAGNET_COLOR

[docs]def plot(self, fig=None, display_magnet=True): """Plot the Hole in a matplotlib fig Parameters ---------- self : Hole A Hole object fig : if None, open a new fig and plot, else add to the current one (Default value = None) display_magnet : bool if True, plot the magnet inside the hole, if there is any (Default value = True) Returns ------- None """ display = fig is None if display: color = "k" else: color = "w" surf_hole = self.build_geometry() patches = list() for surf in surf_hole: if "Magnet" in surf.label and display_magnet: patches.append(surf.get_patch(color=MAGNET_COLOR)) else: patches.append(surf.get_patch(color=color)) # Display the result (fig, axes, patch_leg, label_leg) = init_fig(fig) axes.set_xlabel("(m)") axes.set_ylabel("(m)") axes.set_title("Hole") # Add all the hole (and magnet) to fig for patch in patches: axes.add_patch(patch) # Axis Setup axis("equal") Lim = self.get_Rbo() * 1.2 axes.set_xlim(-Lim, Lim) axes.set_ylim(-Lim, Lim) if display_magnet and "Magnet" in [surf.label for surf in surf_hole]: patch_leg.append(Patch(color=MAGNET_COLOR)) label_leg.append("Magnet") legend(patch_leg, label_leg)