Welcome to the PYLEECAN installation page, PYLEECAN code is available on Github. You can access to the code via git or github. There are two ways to install the project depending on how you want to use the project:

  • if you want to use PYLEECAN (Clone)
  • if you want to use and contribute to PYLEECAN (Fork)

Clone the project

To install PYLEECAN, you will need to clone the Github repository of the project.

git clone

Fork the project

You will have to fork the pyleecan repository which will create a copy of the repository in your Github projects. The forked repository will allow you to freely experiment with changes without affecting the original project.

To fork PYLEECAN repository:

  • Get to the pyleecan repository
  • Sign in to your Github account
  • fork the project, option available in the top-right of the PYLEECAN repository page

After this, you will find a copy of pyleecan repository in your Github projects. You can now clone this fork and do all the modifications you want, it won’t affect the official version. Once you find that your modifications are ready to be shared, feel free to Submit your contribution to the original project. However we recommend you, before contributing, to read the Project organization and the Development guidelines.