comp_flower_arc (method)


@date Created on Fri Dec 11 13:17:31 2015 @copyright (C) 2015-2016 EOMYS ENGINEERING. @author pierre_b @todo unittest it

comp_flower_arc(alpha, Rarc, Rext)[source]

Compute the angle and end of a “flower arc”.

  • alpha (float) – Angular width of the arc (angle(z_top_feft)=alpha/2)
  • Rarc (float) – The radius of the arc to draw [m]
  • Rext (float) – The radius of the external arc ((Rext,0) is on the flower arc) [m]

(alpha_lim,z_top_left,z_top_right) – alpha_lim: angle of the arc [ard] z_top_left: first point of the arc z_top_right: second point fo the arc

Return type:

(float, complex, complex)