plot_winding (method)

@package Methods.Machine.LamSlotWind.plot_winding Plot the Lamination’s Winding Methods @date Created on Tue Dec 16 16:39:48 2014 @copyright (C) 2014-2015 EOMYS ENGINEERING. @author pierre_b @todo Matrix Zs*Qs for display (cf doc database/articles/electrical machines/ analytical modelling of electrical machines/modeling of AC windings)

plot_winding(self, wind_mat=None, all_slot=False)[source]

Plot the Winding in a matplotlib fig

  • self (LamSlotWind) – A: LamSlotWind object
  • wind_mat (numpy.ndarray) – Winding Matrix, if None will call comp_connection_mat (Default value = None)
  • all_slot (bool) – True if we plot all slot and false when plotting only needed one(sym)

Return type: