comp_connection_mat (method)

@package Methods.Machine.Winding._comp_wind_type_1 Compute the Winding Matrix (for type 1) Method @date Created on Mon Dec 15 14:21:45 2014 @copyright (C) 2014-2015 EOMYS ENGINEERING. @author pierre_b @todo unittest it for every ms case @todo link every winding type to a validation case and an article

comp_connection_mat(self, Zs)[source]

Compute the Winding Matrix (for winding type 1) type 1 : TOOTH WINDING, DOUBLE LAYER ALL TEETH WOUND, ORTHORADIAL SUPERPOSITION (Nlay_rad=1,Nlay_tan=2)

  • self (Winding) – A: Winding object
  • Zs (int) – Number of Slot (Integer >0)

wind_mat – Winding Matrix (Nlay_rad, Nlay_tan, Zs, qs)

Return type:



WindingT1DefMsError – You must have 0.25< Zs/2/p/qs <= 0.5

exception WindingT1DefMsError[source]

Bases: pyleecan.Methods.Machine.Winding.WindingError

Raises:must – be 0