build_geometry (method)


@date Created on Thu Dec 06 11:16:39 2016 @copyright (C) 2015-2016 EOMYS ENGINEERING. @author pierre_b @todo unittest it

build_geometry(self, alpha=0, delta=0, is_simplified=False)[source]

Compute the curve (Line) needed to plot the Hole. The ending point of a curve is the starting point of the next curve in the list

  • self (HoleM51) – A HoleM51 object
  • alpha (float) – Angle to rotate the hole (Default value = 0) [rad]
  • delta (complex) – Complex to translate the hole (Default value = 0)
  • is_simplified (bool) – True to avoid line superposition

surf_list – List of SurfLine needed to draw the HoleM51

Return type: