build_geometry_wind (method)

@package Methods.Machine.SlotW23.build_geometry_wind SlotW23 build_geometry_wind method @date Created on Mon Jun 29 15:28:55 2015 @copyright (C) 2014-2015 EOMYS ENGINEERING. @author pierre_b

build_geometry_wind(self, Nrad, Ntan, is_simplified=False, alpha=0, delta=0)[source]

Split the slot winding area in several zone

  • self (SlotW23) – A SlotW23 object
  • Nrad (int) – Number of radial layer
  • Ntan (int) – Number of tangentiel layer
  • is_simplified (bool) – boolean to specify if coincident lines are considered as one or different lines (Default value = False)
  • alpha (float) – Angle for rotation (Default value = 0) [rad]
  • delta (Complex) – complex for translation (Default value = 0)

List of surface delimiting the winding zone

Return type: