Source code for Tests.Methods.Machine.test_get_polar_eq

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from os.path import join
import pytest

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from numpy import pi

from Tests import save_plot_path as save_path
from pyleecan.Functions.load import load
from pyleecan.definitions import DATA_DIR

[docs]class Test_get_polar_eq(object): """unittest to convert machine to polar and plot them"""
[docs] def test_get_polar_eq_SCIM(self): """Test that you can create polar equivalent of SCIM machine""" SCIM_001 = load(join(DATA_DIR, "Machine", "SCIM_001.json")) polar_eq = SCIM_001.get_polar_eq() plt.close("all") SCIM_001.plot(comp_machine=polar_eq, is_show_fig=False) fig = plt.gcf() fig.savefig(join(save_path, "test_get_polar_eq_SCIM_001.png")) assert len(fig.axes[0].patches) == 219