The purpose of this section is to present some global tutorial on how to use Pyleecan. These first tutorials are an introduction to Pyleecan that we recommand to read in order.

How to run the tutorial

Each tutorial is generated from a Jupyter Notebook and can be seen on GitHub or downloaded in one of these archives:

To run the tutorials notebook, here is the procedure:

- pip install jupyter
- open a console terminal in the folder containing the Tutorials
- run the command "jupyter notebook"

The notebook should then be available in your web browser.

Validation simulations are also available in the Tests/Validation folder for inspiration.

Upcoming tutorials

If you have any question or if you want to request a new tutorial please contact us.


Three public and free webinars have been organized by Green Forge Coop and UNICAS University in 2020. Warning some information from these webinar are outdated ! The webinar resources are available here:

The current version of pyleecan may be different from the one presented during the webinars. The latest versions of the notebooks are available on Github.