Source code for pyleecan.Functions.Save.save_array

from numpy import ndindex, savetxt

[docs]def save_array( file, data, fmt="%7.2f", delimiter=",", header="data", slice="slice", sep=":" ): """Function to save numpy nD arrays. Therefore the array is sliced except for the last 2 dimenions. Parameters ---------- file: str the save filename header: str some file header string sep: str seperator that delimits the shape information in the header delimiter: str data delimiter fmt: str string to define the output number format that is passed to numpy.savetext Returns ------- None """ # Write the array to disk with open(file, "w") as outfile: # writing a header to get the shape while loading outfile.write(f"#{header}{sep}{data.shape}\n") # iterating through ndarray except and write slices of the last 2 dims if len(data.shape) > 2: d = len(data.shape) - 2 for i in ndindex(data.shape[:d]): # writing a break to indicate different slices... outfile.write(f"#{slice}{sep}{i}\n") savetxt(outfile, data[i], delimiter=delimiter, fmt=fmt) else: savetxt(outfile, data, delimiter=delimiter, fmt=fmt)