Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SMHoleMag.SMHoleMag

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from PySide2.QtCore import Signal
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QMessageBox, QWidget, QSizePolicy

from .....Classes.HoleM50 import HoleM50
from .....Classes.Material import Material
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SMHoleMag.Ui_SMHoleMag import Ui_SMHoleMag
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SMHoleMag.WHoleMag.WHoleMag import WHoleMag
from .....Methods.Slot.Slot.check import SlotCheckError

[docs]class SMHoleMag(Ui_SMHoleMag, QWidget): """Step to set several Holes""" # Signal to DMachineSetup to know that the save popup is needed saveNeeded = Signal() # Information for DMachineSetup step_name = "Slot" def __init__(self, machine, matlib, is_stator=False): """Initialize the widget according to machine Parameters ---------- self : SMHoleMag A SMHoleMag widget machine : Machine current machine to edit matlib : MatLib Material Library is_stator : bool To adapt the GUI to set either the stator or the rotor """ # Build the interface according to the .ui file QWidget.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) # Saving arguments self.machine = machine self.matlib = matlib self.is_stator = is_stator # Get the correct object to set if self.is_stator: self.obj = machine.stator else: self.obj = machine.rotor if self.obj.hole is None: self.obj.hole = list() # If the hole is not set, initialize it with a HoleM50 if len(self.obj.hole) == 0: self.obj.hole.append(HoleM50()) if self.machine.type_machine == 5: # SyRM self.obj.hole[0].remove_magnet() self.obj.hole[0]._set_None() self.obj.hole[0].Zh = machine.stator.winding.p * 2 # Default value self.set_hole_pitch(self.obj.hole[0].Zh) # Update all the hole tab # (the current hole types will be initialized) # print(type(self.obj.hole[0]).__name__) self.tab_hole.clear() for hole in self.obj.hole: self.s_add(hole) self.tab_hole.setCurrentIndex(0) # Set Help URL self.b_help.url = "" self.b_help.url += "how-to-set-up-the-slots" # Connect the slot self.b_add.clicked.connect(self.s_add) self.b_remove.clicked.connect(self.s_remove) self.b_plot.clicked.connect(self.s_plot)
[docs] def emit_save(self): """Send a saveNeeded signal to the DMachineSetup""" self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] def set_hole_pitch(self, Zh): """Update out_hole_pitch with the correct value Parameters ---------- self : SMHoleMag A SMHoleMag object Zh : int The current value of Zh """ Zh_txt ="Slot pitch = 360 / 2p = ") if Zh in [None, 0]: self.out_hole_pitch.setText(Zh_txt + "?") else: hole_pitch = 360.0 / Zh self.out_hole_pitch.setText(Zh_txt + "%.4g" % (hole_pitch) + u" °")
[docs] def s_add(self, hole=False): """Signal to add a new hole Parameters ---------- self : SMHoleMag a SMHoleMag object hole : HoleMag hole to initialize in the new page if None create a new empty HoleM50 """ # Adapt the GUI according to the machine type if self.machine.type_machine == 5: # SyRM is_mag = False else: is_mag = True # Create a new hole if needed if type(hole) is bool: self.obj.hole.append(HoleM50()) hole = self.obj.hole[-1] hole._set_None() hole_index = len(self.obj.hole) - 1 if self.machine.type_machine == 5: hole.remove_magnet() else: hole.set_magnet_by_id(0, self.obj.hole[0].get_magnet_by_id(0)) hole.Zh = self.obj.hole[0].Zh else: hole_index = self.obj.hole.index(hole) tab = WHoleMag(self, is_mag=is_mag, index=hole_index, matlib=self.matlib) tab.saveNeeded.connect(self.emit_save) self.tab_hole.addTab(tab, "Slot " + str(hole_index + 1))
[docs] def s_remove(self): """Signal to remove the last hole Parameters ---------- self : SMHoleMag a SMHoleMag object """ if len(self.obj.hole) > 1: self.tab_hole.removeTab(len(self.obj.hole) - 1) self.obj.hole.pop(-1)
[docs] def s_plot(self, is_show_fig=True): """Try to plot the lamination Parameters ---------- self : SMHoleMag a SMHoleMag object """ # Update p for hole in self.obj.hole: hole.Zh = self.machine.stator.winding.p * 2 self.set_hole_pitch(self.obj.hole[0].Zh) # We have to make sure the hole is right before truing to plot it error = self.check(self.obj) if error: # Error => Display it QMessageBox().critical(self,"Error"), error) else: # No error => Plot the hole (No winding for LamSquirrelCage) self.machine.plot(is_show_fig=is_show_fig)
[docs] @staticmethod def check(lamination): """Check that the current machine have all the needed field set Parameters ---------- lamination : Lamination Lamination to check Returns ------- error : str Error message (return None if no error) """ # Check that everything is set for hole in lamination.hole: try: hole.check() except SlotCheckError as error: return str(error)