Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SMSlot.PMSlot18.PMSlot18

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import PySide2.QtCore
from numpy import pi
from PySide2.QtCore import Signal
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QWidget

from ......Classes.SlotM18 import SlotM18
from ......GUI import gui_option
from ......GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SMSlot.PMSlot18.Gen_PMSlot18 import Gen_PMSlot18
from ......Methods.Slot.Slot import SlotCheckError

translate = PySide2.QtCore.QCoreApplication.translate

[docs]class PMSlot18(Gen_PMSlot18, QWidget): """Page to set the Slot Magnet Type 18""" # Signal to DMachineSetup to know that the save popup is needed saveNeeded = Signal() # Information for Slot combobox slot_name = "Ring Magnet" slot_type = SlotM18 def __init__(self, lamination=None): """Initialize the widget according to lamination Parameters ---------- self : PMSlot18 A PMSlot18 widget lamination : Lamination current lamination to edit """ # Build the interface according to the .ui file QWidget.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) self.lamination = lamination self.slot = lamination.slot # Set FloatEdit unit self.lf_Hmag.unit = "m" # Set unit name (m ou mm) wid_list = [ self.unit_Hmag, ] for wid in wid_list: wid.setText("[" + gui_option.unit.get_m_name() + "]") self.lf_Hmag.setValue(self.slot.Hmag) # Display the main output of the slot (surface, height...) self.w_out.comp_output() # Connect the signal self.lf_Hmag.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Hmag)
[docs] def set_Hmag(self): """Signal to update the value of Hmag according to the line edit Parameters ---------- self : PMSlot18 A PMSlot18 object """ self.slot.Hmag = self.lf_Hmag.value() self.w_out.comp_output() # Notify the machine GUI that the machine has changed self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] @staticmethod def check(lam): """Check that the current machine have all the needed field set Parameters ---------- lam: LamSlotMag Lamination to check Returns ------- error: str Error message (return None if no error) """ # Check that everything is set if lam.slot.Hmag is None: return "You must set Hmag !" # Constraints try: lam.slot.check() except SlotCheckError as error: return str(error) # Output try: yoke_height = lam.comp_height_yoke() except Exception as error: return translate("Unable to compute yoke height:", "PMSlot18") + str(error)