Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SSimu.SSimu

from datetime import datetime
from logging import getLogger
from multiprocessing import cpu_count
from os.path import join

from PySide2.QtCore import Qt, Signal
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QMessageBox, QWidget

from .....Classes._FEMMHandler import _FEMMHandler
from .....Classes.InputCurrent import InputCurrent
from .....Classes.MachineWRSM import MachineWRSM
from .....Classes.MachineIPMSM import MachineIPMSM
from .....Classes.MachineSIPMSM import MachineSIPMSM
from .....Classes.MagFEMM import MagFEMM
from .....Classes.OPdq import OPdq
from .....Classes.OPdqf import OPdqf
from .....Classes.Simu1 import Simu1
from .....GUI import gui_option
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SSimu.Gen_SSimu import Gen_SSimu
from .....loggers import GUI_LOG_NAME
from .....definitions import config_dict
from .....Functions.init_environment import save_config_dict
from .....Functions.GUI.log_error import log_error

[docs]class SSimu(Gen_SSimu, QWidget): """Step to define and run a simulation""" # Signal to DMachineSetup to know that the save popup is needed saveNeeded = Signal() # No used here # Information for DMachineSetup nav step_name = "FEMM Simulation" def __init__(self, machine, material_dict, is_stator): """Initialize the GUI according to machine Parameters ---------- self : SSimu A SSimu widget machine : Machine current machine to edit material_dict: dict Materials dictionary (library + machine) is_stator : bool To adapt the GUI to set either the stator or the rotor (unused) """ # Build the interface according to the .ui file QWidget.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) # Saving arguments self.machine = machine self.material_dict = material_dict self.last_out = None # To store the last output for tests # Plot the machine try: self.machine.plot( fig=self.w_viewer.fig, ax=self.w_viewer.axes, sym=1, alpha=0, delta=0, is_show_fig=False, is_clean_plot=True, is_max_sym=True, ) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while plotting machine in Simulation Step:\n" + str(e) log_error(self, err_msg) self.w_viewer.draw() # Adapt OP widgets to machine type self.in_I3.setHidden(not isinstance(self.machine, MachineWRSM)) self.lf_I3.setHidden(not isinstance(self.machine, MachineWRSM)) self.unit_I3.setHidden(not isinstance(self.machine, MachineWRSM)) if self.machine.is_synchronous(): self.in_I1.setText("Id:") self.in_I2.setText("Iq:") self.unit_I2.setText("[Arms]") else: self.in_I1.setText("I0:") self.in_I2.setText("Phi0:") self.unit_I2.setText("[rad]") self.unit_I1.setText("[Arms]") hide_mag = not isinstance(self.machine, (MachineIPMSM, MachineSIPMSM)) self.in_T_mag.setHidden(hide_mag) self.lf_T_mag.setHidden(hide_mag) self.unit_T_mag.setHidden(hide_mag) # Init default simulation to edit self.simu = Simu1(name="FEMM_" +, machine=self.machine) p = self.machine.get_pole_pair_number() Zs = self.machine.stator.slot.Zs self.simu.input = InputCurrent(Na_tot=2 * 2 * 3 * 5 * 7 * p, Nt_tot=10 * Zs) if isinstance(self.machine, MachineWRSM): self.simu.input.OP = OPdqf(N0=1000, Id_ref=0, Iq_ref=0, If_ref=5) else: self.simu.input.OP = OPdq(N0=1000, Id_ref=0, Iq_ref=0) self.simu.mag = MagFEMM( Kmesh_fineness=1, is_periodicity_a=True, is_periodicity_t=True, T_mag=20, nb_worker=cpu_count(), ) self.simu.force = None # Init widget according to defaut simulation self.lf_N0.setValue(self.simu.input.OP.N0) self.lf_I1.setValue(0) self.lf_I2.setValue(0) self.lf_I3.setValue(5) # Hidden if not used self.lf_T_mag.setValue(self.simu.mag.T_mag) self.si_Na_tot.setValue(self.simu.input.Na_tot) self.si_Nt_tot.setValue(self.simu.input.Nt_tot) self.is_per_a.setChecked(True) self.is_per_t.setChecked(True) self.lf_Kmesh.setValue(1) self.si_nb_worker.setValue(self.simu.mag.nb_worker) self.le_name.setText( self.is_losses.hide() # Not available Yet self.is_mesh_sol.hide() # Not available Yet # Setup path result selection self.w_path_result.obj = None self.w_path_result.param_name = None self.w_path_result.verbose_name = "Results folder" self.w_path_result.extension = None self.w_path_result.is_file = False self.w_path_result.update() if "MAIN" in config_dict and "RESULT_DIR" in config_dict["MAIN"]: self.w_path_result.set_path_txt(config_dict["MAIN"]["RESULT_DIR"]) # Connecting the signal self.lf_N0.editingFinished.connect(self.set_N0) self.lf_I1.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Id_Iq) self.lf_I2.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Id_Iq) self.lf_I3.editingFinished.connect(self.set_I3) self.lf_T_mag.editingFinished.connect(self.set_T_mag) self.si_Na_tot.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Na_tot) self.si_Nt_tot.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Nt_tot) self.is_per_a.toggled.connect(self.set_per_a) self.is_per_t.toggled.connect(self.set_per_t) self.lf_Kmesh.editingFinished.connect(self.set_Kmesh) self.si_nb_worker.editingFinished.connect(self.set_nb_worker) self.b_next.clicked.connect(
[docs] def run(self): """Run the current simulation""" if self.w_path_result.get_path() in [None, ""]: QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"), "Please select a result folder" ) return config_dict["MAIN"]["RESULT_DIR"] = self.w_path_result.get_path() save_config_dict(config_dict) if self.le_name.text() in [None, ""]: QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"), "Please set a simulation name" ) return = self.le_name.text() # Setup result folder now = time_str = now.strftime("%Y_%m_%d-%Hh%Mmin%Ss") self.simu.path_result = join( self.w_path_result.get_path(), time_str + "_" + ) # Save simu for reference, + ".json")) # Check FEMM installation try: femm = _FEMMHandler() femm.openfemm(1) # 1 == open in background, 0 == open normally femm.closefemm() except Exception as e: msgBox = QMessageBox() msgBox.setTextFormat(Qt.RichText) msgBox.warning( None, "Warning", "This pyleecan simulation requires FEMM Software (Finite Element Method Magnetics), its installer can be dowloaded from <a href=''></a>.", QMessageBox.Ok, ) return # Run simulation try: out = except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while running simulation:\n" + str(e) log_error(self, err_msg) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Store output for test self.last_out = out # Save results try:, "Result.h5")) out.export_to_mat(join(self.simu.path_result, "Result.mat")) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while saving results:\n" + str(e) log_error(self, err_msg) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Machine out.simu.machine.plot( is_max_sym=self.simu.mag.is_periodicity_a, is_clean_plot=True, is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, + ".png"), ) p = self.machine.get_pole_pair_number() # Torque Time try: out.mag.Tem.plot_2D_Data( "time", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "torque as fct of time.png"), ) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while plotting torque as fct of time: " + str(e) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Torque FFT try: out.mag.Tem.plot_2D_Data( "freqs->elec_order=[0,15]", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "torque FFT over freq.png"), ) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while plotting torque FFT over freq: " + str(e) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Flux try: out.mag.B.plot_2D_Data( "time", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "flux as fct of time.png"), ) out.mag.B.plot_2D_Data( "angle{°}", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "flux as fct of angle.png"), ) out.mag.B.plot_2D_Data( "freqs->elec_order=[0,15]", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "flux FFT over freq.png"), ) out.mag.B.plot_2D_Data( "wavenumber=[0," + str(int(25 * p)) + "]", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "flux FFT over wavenumber.png"), ) # out.mag.B.plot_3D_Data( # "time", # "angle{°}", # component_list=["radial"], # is_2D_view=True, # is_show_fig=False, # save_path=join( # self.simu.path_result, "flux as fct of time and angle.png" # ), # ) out.mag.B.plot_3D_Data( "freqs->elec_order=[0,10]", "wavenumber->space_order=[-10,10]", N_stem=50, is_2D_view=True, is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "flux 3D FFT.png"), ) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while plotting flux:\n" + str(e) log_error(self, err_msg) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Phi_wind_stator try: out.mag.Phi_wind_stator.plot_2D_Data( "time", "phase[0]", is_show_fig=False, save_path=join(self.simu.path_result, "Stator winding flux.png"), ) except Exception as e: err_msg = "Error while plotting Stator winding flux:\n" + str(e) self.simu.get_logger().error(err_msg) # Done QMessageBox().information( self,"Simlation finished"), "Simulation " + + " is finished.\nResults available at " + self.simu.path_result, )
[docs] def set_N0(self): """Update N0 according to the widget""" self.simu.input.OP.N0 = self.lf_N0.value()
[docs] def set_Id_Iq(self): """Update Id/Iq according to the widget""" if self.machine.is_synchronous(): self.simu.input.OP.Id_ref = self.lf_I1.value() self.simu.input.OP.Iq_ref = self.lf_I2.value() else: self.simu.input.OP.set_I0_Phi0( I0=self.lf_I1.value(), Phi0=self.lf_I2.value() )
[docs] def set_I3(self): """Update If according to the widget""" self.simu.input.OP.If_ref = self.lf_I3.value()
[docs] def set_T_mag(self): """Update T_mag according to the widget""" self.simu.mag.T_mag = self.lf_T_mag.value()
[docs] def set_Na_tot(self): """Update Na_tot according to the widget""" self.simu.input.Na_tot = self.si_Na_tot.value()
[docs] def set_Nt_tot(self): """Update Nt_tot according to the widget""" self.simu.input.Nt_tot = self.si_Nt_tot.value()
[docs] def set_per_a(self): """Update is_per_a according to the widget""" self.simu.mag.is_periodicity_a = self.is_per_a.isChecked()
[docs] def set_per_t(self): """Update is_per_t according to the widget""" self.simu.mag.is_periodicity_t = self.is_per_t.isChecked()
[docs] def set_Kmesh(self): """Update Kmesh according to the widget""" self.simu.mag.Kmesh_fineness = self.lf_Kmesh.value()
[docs] def set_nb_worker(self): """Update nb_worker according to the widget""" self.simu.mag.nb_worker = self.si_nb_worker.value()