Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWPole.SWPole

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from numpy import pi
from PySide2.QtCore import Signal
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QMessageBox, QWidget

from .....Classes.LamSlotWind import LamSlotWind
from .....Classes.Slot import Slot
from .....Classes.SlotW60 import SlotW60
from .....Classes.SlotW61 import SlotW61
from .....Classes.Slot import Slot
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWPole.PWSlot60.PWSlot60 import PWSlot60
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWPole.PWSlot61.PWSlot61 import PWSlot61
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWPole.Ui_SWPole import Ui_SWPole
from .....Functions.Plot.set_plot_gui_icon import set_plot_gui_icon

# List to convert index of combobox to slot type
INIT_INDEX = [SlotW60, SlotW61]
NAME_INDEX = [slot.__name__ for slot in INIT_INDEX]
WIDGET_LIST = [PWSlot60, PWSlot61]

[docs]class SWPole(Ui_SWPole, QWidget): """Step to set the lamination pole (for WRSM)""" # Signal to DMachineSetup to know that the save popup is needed saveNeeded = Signal() # Information for DMachineSetup step_name = "Pole" def __init__(self, machine, material_dict, is_stator=False): """Initialize the GUI according to machine Parameters ---------- self : SWPole A SWPole widget machine : Machine current machine to edit material_dict: dict Materials dictionary (library + machine) is_stator : bool To adapt the GUI to set either the stator or the rotor """ # Build the interface according to the .ui file QWidget.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) # Saving arguments self.machine = machine self.material_dict = material_dict self.is_stator = is_stator self.test_err_msg = None # To check the error messages in test self.b_help.hide() # Avoid erase all the parameters when navigating though the slots self.previous_slot = {SlotW60: None, SlotW61: None} if self.is_stator: self.obj = machine.stator else: self.obj = machine.rotor # If the Slot is not set, initialize it with a SlotW60 if self.obj.slot is None or type(self.obj.slot) not in INIT_INDEX: self.obj.slot = SlotW60() self.obj.slot._set_None() # Avoid error when loading WRSM with wrong rotor slot if type(self.obj.slot) not in INIT_INDEX: self.obj.slot = SlotW60() self.obj.slot._set_None() self.obj.slot.Zs = self.obj.winding.p * 2 self.update_slot_text(self.obj.slot.Zs) # Set the correct index for the type checkbox index = NAME_INDEX.index(type(self.obj.slot).__name__) self.c_slot_type.setCurrentIndex(index) # Update the slot widget self.s_update_slot() # Connect the slot/signal self.c_slot_type.currentIndexChanged.connect(self.s_change_slot) self.b_plot.clicked.connect(self.s_plot)
[docs] def emit_save(self): """Send a saveNeeded signal to the DMachineSetup""" self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] def set_slot_type(self, index): """Initialize self.obj with the slot corresponding to index Parameters ---------- self : SWPole A SWPole object index : int Index of the selected slot type in the list """ # Save the slot self.previous_slot[type(self.obj.slot)] = self.obj.slot # Call the corresponding constructor Zs = self.obj.slot.Zs if self.previous_slot[INIT_INDEX[index]] is None: # No previous slot of this type self.obj.slot = INIT_INDEX[index]() self.obj.slot._set_None() # No default value self.obj.slot.Zs = Zs else: # Load the previous slot of this type self.obj.slot = self.previous_slot[INIT_INDEX[index]] # Notify the machine GUI that the machine has changed self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] def update_slot_text(self, Zs): """Update in_Zs and out_slot_pitch with the correct value Parameters ---------- self : SWPole A SWPole object Zs : int The current value of Zs """ sp_txt ="Slot pitch: 360 / Zs = ") self.in_Zs.setText("Zs: 2*p = " + str(Zs)) if Zs in [None, 0]: self.out_Slot_pitch.setText(sp_txt + "?") else: Slot_pitch = 360.0 / Zs Slot_pitch_rad = Slot_pitch * pi / 180 self.out_Slot_pitch.setText( sp_txt + "%.4g" % (Slot_pitch) + " [°] (" + "%.4g" % (Slot_pitch_rad) + " [rad])" )
[docs] def s_update_slot(self): """Update the slot widget Parameters ---------- self : SWPole a SWPole object """ # Regenerate the pages with the new values self.w_slot.setParent(None) self.w_slot = WIDGET_LIST[self.c_slot_type.currentIndex()](self.obj) self.w_slot.saveNeeded.connect(self.emit_save) # Refresh the GUI self.main_layout.removeWidget(self.w_slot) self.main_layout.insertWidget(1, self.w_slot)
[docs] def s_change_slot(self, index): """Signal to update the interface and show a specific page Parameters ---------- self : SWPole a SWPole object index : int Index of w_page_stack to show """ # Current slot is removed and replaced by the new one self.set_slot_type(index) self.s_update_slot()
[docs] def s_plot(self): """Try to plot the lamination Parameters ---------- self : SWPole A SWPole object """ # We have to make sure the slot is right before trying to plot it error = self.check(self.obj) if error: # Error => Display it self.test_err_msg = error QMessageBox().critical(self,"Error"), self.test_err_msg) else: # No error => Plot the lamination self.obj.plot() set_plot_gui_icon()
[docs] @staticmethod def check(lam): """Check that the current machine have all the needed field set Parameters ---------- lam : Lamination Lamination to check Returns ------- error: str Error message (return None if no error) """ # Call the check method of the slot (every slot type have a # different check method) try: index = INIT_INDEX.index(type(lam.slot)) return WIDGET_LIST[index].check(lam) except Exception as e: return str(e)