Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWindCond.SWindCond

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from PySide2.QtCore import Signal
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QMessageBox, QWidget

from .....Classes.CondType11 import CondType11
from .....Classes.CondType12 import CondType12
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWindCond.PCondType11.PCondType11 import PCondType11
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWindCond.PCondType12.PCondType12 import PCondType12
from .....GUI.Dialog.DMachineSetup.SWindCond.Ui_SWindCond import Ui_SWindCond

# For the Conductor combobox
wid_list = [PCondType11, PCondType12]
type_list = [wid.cond_type for wid in wid_list]
name_list = [wid.cond_name for wid in wid_list]

[docs]class SWindCond(Ui_SWindCond, QWidget): """Step to define the winding conductor""" # Signal to DMachineSetup to know that the save popup is needed saveNeeded = Signal() # Information for DMachineSetup nav step_name = "Winding Conductor" def __init__(self, machine, matlib, is_stator=False): """Initialize the GUI according to machine Parameters ---------- self : SWindCond A SWindCond widget machine : Machine current machine to edit matlib : list List of available Material is_stator : bool To adapt the GUI to set either the stator or the rotor """ # Build the interface according to the .ui file QWidget.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) # Saving arguments self.machine = machine self.matlib = matlib self.is_stator = is_stator # Fill the fields with the machine values (if they're filled) if self.is_stator: self.obj = machine.stator self.w_mat_0.in_mat_type.setText("mat_wind1: ")) else: self.obj = machine.rotor self.w_mat_0.in_mat_type.setText("mat_wind2: ")) self.w_mat_0.def_mat = "Copper1" self.w_mat_0.setWhatsThis("Conductor material") self.w_mat_0.setToolTip("Conductor material") self.w_mat_1.def_mat = "Insulator1" self.w_mat_1.setText("ins_mat:") self.w_mat_1.setWhatsThis("Insulator material") self.w_mat_1.setToolTip("Insulator material") # Fill the combobox with the available conductor self.c_cond_type.clear() for cond in name_list: self.c_cond_type.addItem(cond) # Set default conductor if conductor not set if ( self.obj.winding.conductor is None or type(self.obj.winding.conductor) not in type_list ): # CondType11 is the default self.obj.winding.conductor = CondType11() self.obj.winding.conductor._set_None() # Set conductor and insulator material self.w_mat_0.update(self.obj.winding.conductor, "cond_mat", self.matlib) self.w_mat_1.update(self.obj.winding.conductor, "ins_mat", self.matlib) # Initialize the needed conductor widget index = type_list.index(type(self.obj.winding.conductor)) self.s_update(index) self.c_cond_type.setCurrentIndex(index) # Connect the widget self.c_cond_type.currentIndexChanged.connect(self.s_set_cond_type) self.w_mat_0.saveNeeded.connect(self.emit_save) self.w_mat_1.saveNeeded.connect(self.emit_save)
[docs] def emit_save(self): """Send a saveNeeded signal to the DMachineSetup""" self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] def s_set_cond_type(self, index): """Setup the Gui for the selected conductor type Parameters ---------- self : SWindCond A SWindCond object index : int Index of the selected conductor type """ # Initialize the new one self.obj.winding.conductor = type_list[index]() self.obj.winding.conductor._set_None() # Update the GUI self.s_update(index) # Notify the machine GUI that the machine has changed self.saveNeeded.emit()
[docs] def s_update(self, index): """Update the GUI to show the current conductor widget Parameters ---------- self : SWindCond a SWindCond object index : int Index of the selected conductor type """ # Regenerate the pages with the new values self.w_cond.setParent(None) self.w_cond = wid_list[index](self.obj) self.w_cond.saveNeeded.connect(self.emit_save) # Refresh the GUI self.main_layout.removeWidget(self.w_cond) self.main_layout.insertWidget(1, self.w_cond)
[docs] @staticmethod def check(lamination): """Check that the current lamination have all the needed field set Parameters ---------- lamination : Lamination Lamination to check Returns ------- error: str Error message (return None if no error) """ try: obj = lamination.winding # For readibility # Check that the conductor properties are set if type(obj.conductor) is CondType11: for name in ["Hwire", "Wwire", "Wins_wire", "Nwppc_rad", "Nwppc_tan"]: if obj.conductor.__getattribute__(name) is None: return "You must set " + name + " !" elif type(obj.conductor) is CondType12: for name in ["Wwire", "Wins_wire", "Wins_cond", "Nwppc"]: if obj.conductor.__getattribute__(name) is None: return "You must set " + name + " !" except Exception as e: return str(e)