Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Dxf.DXF_Surf

from logging import getLogger
from os.path import dirname, isfile, splitext, basename
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from matplotlib.backends.backend_qt5agg import (
    NavigationToolbar2QT as NavigationToolbar,
from ezdxf import readfile
from numpy import angle as np_angle
from numpy import array, pi, argmax, argmin
from numpy import max as np_max, min as np_min
from PySide2.QtCore import QUrl, Qt
from PySide2.QtGui import QIcon, QPixmap, QDesktopServices
from PySide2.QtWidgets import (

from ...Classes.HoleUD import HoleUD
from ...Classes.Magnet import Magnet
from ...Classes.SurfLine import SurfLine
from ...GUI.Dxf.dxf_to_pyleecan import dxf_to_pyleecan_list, convert_dxf_with_FEMM
from ...GUI.Resources import pixmap_dict
from ...GUI.Tools.MPLCanvas import MPLCanvas
from ...GUI.Tools.FloatEdit import FloatEdit
from ...GUI import gui_option
from ...loggers import GUI_LOG_NAME
from .Ui_DXF_Surf import Ui_DXF_Surf
from ...Functions.labels import HOLEM_LAB, HOLEV_LAB
from ...Functions.init_fig import init_fig

# Column index for table

HL_COL = 1

# Unselected, selected, selected-bottom-mag
COLOR_LIST = ["k", "r", "c"]
Z_TOL = 1e-4  # Point comparison tolerance

[docs]class DXF_Surf(Ui_DXF_Surf, QDialog): """Dialog to create Vents or BoreUD objects from DXF files""" convert_dxf_with_FEMM = convert_dxf_with_FEMM def __init__(self, dxf_path=None, Zh=None, lam=None, is_vent=True): """Initialize the Dialog Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object dxf_path : str Path to a dxf file to read """ # Widget setup QDialog.__init__(self) self.setupUi(self) # Tutorial video link self.url = "" self.b_tuto.setEnabled(False) # Initialize the graph self.init_graph() # Set default values if Zh is not None: self.si_Zh.setValue(Zh) if lam is None: self.lam = lam else: self.lam = lam.copy() # Init properties self.line_list = list() # List of line from DXF self.selected_list = list() # List of currently selected lines self.Zcenter = 0 # For translate offset # Set DXF edit widget self.lf_center_x.setValue(0) self.lf_center_y.setValue(0) self.lf_scaling.validator().setBottom(0) self.lf_scaling.setValue(1) # Not available Yet (for BoreUD) self.in_per_a.hide() self.si_per_a.hide() # Load the DXF file if provided self.dxf_path = dxf_path if dxf_path is not None and isfile(dxf_path): self.open_document() # Setup Path selector for DXF files self.w_path_selector.obj = self self.w_path_selector.param_name = "dxf_path" self.w_path_selector.verbose_name = "DXF File" self.w_path_selector.extension = "DXF file (*.dxf)" self.w_path_selector.set_path_txt(self.dxf_path) self.w_path_selector.update() # Connect signals to slot self.w_path_selector.pathChanged.connect(self.open_document) self.b_save.pressed.connect( self.b_plot.pressed.connect(self.plot) self.b_reset.pressed.connect(self.update_graph) self.b_cancel.pressed.connect(self.remove_selection) self.b_tuto.pressed.connect(self.open_tuto) self.is_convert.toggled.connect(self.enable_tolerance) self.lf_center_x.editingFinished.connect(self.set_center) self.lf_center_y.editingFinished.connect(self.set_center) # Display the GUI
[docs] def enable_tolerance(self): """Enable/Disable tolerance widget""" self.lf_tol.setEnabled(self.is_convert.isChecked()) self.in_tol.setEnabled(self.is_convert.isChecked())
[docs] def open_document(self): """Open a new dxf in the viewer Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ # Check convertion if self.is_convert.isChecked(): getLogger(GUI_LOG_NAME).info("Converting dxf file: " + self.dxf_path) self.dxf_path = self.convert_dxf_with_FEMM( self.dxf_path, self.lf_tol.value() ) self.w_path_selector.blockSignals(True) self.w_path_selector.set_path_txt(self.dxf_path) self.w_path_selector.blockSignals(False) getLogger(GUI_LOG_NAME).debug("Reading dxf file: " + self.dxf_path) # Read the DXF file try: document = readfile(self.dxf_path) modelspace = document.modelspace() # Convert DXF to pyleecan objects self.line_list = dxf_to_pyleecan_list(modelspace) # Display # selected line: 0: unselected, 1:selected self.selected_list = [0 for line in self.line_list] self.surf_list = list() self.update_graph() except Exception as e: QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"),"Error while reading dxf file:\n" + str(e)), )
[docs] def init_graph(self): """Initialize the viewer Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ # Init fig fig, axes = plt.subplots(tight_layout=False) self.fig = fig self.axes = axes # Set plot layout canvas = FigureCanvasQTAgg(fig) toolbar = NavigationToolbar(canvas, self) # Remove Subplots button unwanted_buttons = ["Subplots", "Customize", "Save"] for x in toolbar.actions(): if x.text() in unwanted_buttons: toolbar.removeAction(x) # Adding custom icon on mpl toobar icons_buttons = [ "Home", "Pan", "Zoom", "Back", "Forward", ] for action in toolbar.actions(): if action.text() in icons_buttons and "mpl_" + action.text() in pixmap_dict: action.setIcon(QIcon(pixmap_dict["mpl_" + action.text()])) # Change default file name canvas.get_default_filename = "DXF_Surf_visu.png" self.layout_plot.insertWidget(1, toolbar) self.layout_plot.insertWidget(2, canvas) self.canvas = canvas axes.set_axis_off() self.toolbar = toolbar self.xlim = self.axes.get_xlim() self.ylim = self.axes.get_ylim() def on_draw(event): self.xlim = self.axes.get_xlim() self.ylim = self.axes.get_ylim() # Setup interaction with graph def select_line(event): """Function to select/unselect the closest line from click""" # Ignore if matplotlib action is clicked is_ignore = False for action in self.toolbar.actions(): if action.isChecked(): is_ignore = True if not is_ignore: X = event.xdata # X position of the click Y = event.ydata # Y position of the click # Get closer pyleecan object Z = X + 1j * Y min_dist = float("inf") closest_id = -1 for ii, line in enumerate(self.line_list): line_dist = line.comp_distance(Z) if line_dist < min_dist: closest_id = ii min_dist = line_dist # Select/unselect line if self.selected_list[closest_id] == 0: # Unselected to selected self.selected_list[closest_id] = 1 elif self.selected_list[closest_id] == 1: # selected to Unselected self.selected_list[closest_id] = 0 # Change line color point_list = array(self.line_list[closest_id].discretize(20)) color = COLOR_LIST[self.selected_list[closest_id]] axes.plot(point_list.real, point_list.imag, color, zorder=2) self.axes.set_xlim(self.xlim) self.axes.set_ylim(self.ylim) self.canvas.draw() def zoom(event): """Function to zoom/unzoom according the mouse wheel""" base_scale = 0.8 # Scaling factor # get the current x and y limits ax = self.axes cur_xlim = ax.get_xlim() cur_ylim = ax.get_ylim() cur_xrange = (cur_xlim[1] - cur_xlim[0]) * 0.5 cur_yrange = (cur_ylim[1] - cur_ylim[0]) * 0.5 xdata = event.xdata # get event x location ydata = event.ydata # get event y location if event.button == "down": # deal with zoom in scale_factor = 1 / base_scale elif event.button == "up": # deal with zoom out scale_factor = base_scale else: # deal with something that should never happen scale_factor = 1 # set new limits ax.set_xlim( [xdata - cur_xrange * scale_factor, xdata + cur_xrange * scale_factor] ) ax.set_ylim( [ydata - cur_yrange * scale_factor, ydata + cur_yrange * scale_factor] ) self.canvas.draw() # force re-draw # Connect the function self.canvas.mpl_connect("draw_event", on_draw) self.canvas.mpl_connect("button_press_event", select_line) self.canvas.mpl_connect("scroll_event", zoom) # Axis cleanup axes.axis("equal") axes.set_axis_off()
[docs] def set_center(self): """Update the position of the center""" self.Zcenter = self.lf_center_x.value() + 1j * self.lf_center_y.value() self.update_graph()
[docs] def update_graph(self): """Clean and redraw all the lines in viewer Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ fig, axes = self.fig, self.axes axes.clear() axes.set_axis_off() # Draw the lines in the correct color for ii, line in enumerate(self.line_list): point_list = array(line.discretize(20)) color = COLOR_LIST[self.selected_list[ii]] axes.plot(point_list.real, point_list.imag, color, zorder=1) # Add lamination center axes.plot(self.Zcenter.real, self.Zcenter.imag, "rx", zorder=0) axes.text(self.Zcenter.real, self.Zcenter.imag, "O") self.canvas.draw()
[docs] def check_selection(self): """Check if every line in the selection form a surface Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object Returns ------- is_surf : bool True if it forms a surface """ # Create list of begin and end point for all lines point_list = list() for ii, line in enumerate(self.line_list): if self.selected_list[ii]: point_list.append(line.get_begin()) point_list.append(line.get_end()) # Check with a tolerance if every point is twice in the list if len(point_list) == 0: return False for p1 in point_list: count = 0 for p2 in point_list: if abs(p1 - p2) < Z_TOL: count += 1 if count != 2: return False return True
[docs] def get_surface(self): """Validate the selection and create a surface object Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ # Get all the selected lines line_list = list() index_list = list() for ii, line in enumerate(self.line_list): if self.selected_list[ii]: index_list.append(str(ii)) line_list.append(line.copy()) # Sort the lines (begin = end) curve_list = list() curve_list.append(line_list.pop()) while len(line_list) > 0: end = curve_list[-1].get_end() for ii in range(len(line_list)): if abs(line_list[ii].get_begin() - end) < Z_TOL: break if abs(line_list[ii].get_end() - end) < Z_TOL: line_list[ii].reverse() break curve_list.append(line_list.pop(ii)) # Create the Surface object surf = SurfLine(line_list=curve_list) surf.comp_point_ref(is_set=True) return surf
[docs] def remove_selection(self): # Remove selection self.selected_list = [0 for line in self.line_list] # Redraw all the lines (in black) for ii, line in enumerate(self.line_list): point_list = array(line.discretize(20)) color = COLOR_LIST[self.selected_list[ii]] self.axes.plot(point_list.real, point_list.imag, color, zorder=2) self.canvas.draw()
[docs] def get_hole(self): """Generate the HoleUD object corresponding to the selected surfaces Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object Returns ------- hole : HoleUD User defined hole according to selected surfaces """ if self.lf_scaling.value() == 0: # Avoid error self.lf_scaling.setValue(1) surf = self.get_surface() surf.scale(self.lf_scaling.value()) surf.label = HOLEV_LAB hole = HoleUD(surf_list=[surf]) # Translate if self.Zcenter != 0: surf.translate(-self.Zcenter * self.lf_scaling.value()) # Rotation surf.rotate(-1 * np_angle(surf.point_ref)) # Set metadata hole.Zh = self.si_Zh.value() # Remove materials => To be set in GUI hole.mat_void = None return hole
[docs] def plot(self): """Plot the current state of the hole Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ hole = self.get_hole() if self.lam is None: hole.plot(is_add_arrow=True) else: fig, (ax1, ax2) = plt.subplots(1, 2) hole.plot(fig=fig, ax=ax1, is_add_arrow=True, is_add_ref=False) self.lam.axial_vent = [hole] self.lam.plot(fig=fig, ax=ax2)
[docs] def save(self): """Save the HoleUD object in a json file Parameters ---------- self : DXF_Surf a DXF_Surf object """ hole = self.get_hole() save_file_path = QFileDialog.getSaveFileName( self,"Save file"), dirname(self.dxf_path), "Json (*.json)" )[0] if save_file_path not in ["", ".json", None]: self.save_path = save_file_path = splitext(basename(self.save_path))[0] try: self.accept() except Exception as e: QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"),"Error while saving hole json file:\n" + str(e)), )
[docs] def open_tuto(self): """Open the tutorial video in a web browser""" QDesktopServices.openUrl(QUrl(self.url))