Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Tools.ClassTreeWidget

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from os.path import join

from PySide2 import QtGui
from PySide2.QtCore import Qt, Signal
from PySide2.QtGui import QIcon
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QDialog, QLabel, QSplitter, QTreeView
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QDialogButtonBox, QVBoxLayout, QHBoxLayout

from ...definitions import ROOT_DIR
from ...Classes._ClassInfo import ClassInfo

ICON = join(ROOT_DIR, "pyleecan/GUI/Resources/images/icon/pyleecan_64.png")

[docs]class ClassTreeWidget(QDialog): """ TreeView widget to show pyleecan classes structured by their inheritance together with the selected class description. """ def __init__(self, keys=None, expand=True): super(ClassTreeWidget, self).__init__() self.setupUi() self.expandAll = expand self.setMinimumHeight(600) # === default variables === self.classDict = ClassInfo().get_dict() self.keys = keys or ClassInfo().get_base_classes() # TODO all classes self.selectionModel = self.treeView.selectionModel() # === Signals === self.selectionModel.selectionChanged.connect(self.onSelectionChanged) self.treeView.doubleClicked.connect(self.onClassSelected) self.buttons.accepted.connect(self.accept) self.buttons.rejected.connect(self.reject) # === Generate content === self.generate()
[docs] def onClassSelected(self, index): """Method to accept the selection if a class was double clicked.""" if index.isValid(): self.accept()
[docs] def onSelectionChanged(self, itSelection): """ """ index = itSelection.indexes()[0] desc = index.model().itemFromIndex(index).data() self.text.setText(desc)
[docs] def getSelectedClass(self): """Get the currently selected class by its name.""" index = self.selectionModel.selectedIndexes()[0] return index.model().itemFromIndex(index).text()
[docs] def setupUi(self): """Init. the UI.""" self.setWindowIcon(QIcon(ICON)) # === Widgets === # TreeView model = QtGui.QStandardItemModel(0, 1) model.setHorizontalHeaderLabels(["Class"]) self.treeView = QTreeView() self.treeView.rootNode = model.invisibleRootItem() self.treeView.setModel(model) self.treeView.setAlternatingRowColors(False) # size options # setting min. width in self.generate to fit content self.treeView.setContextMenuPolicy(Qt.CustomContextMenu) # Hide Debug Columns # self.treeView.hideColumn(1) # text output self.text = QLabel() self.text.setAlignment(Qt.AlignTop) self.text.setWordWrap(True) self.text.setMinimumWidth(300) # Splitters self.splitter = QSplitter(self) self.splitter.setStretchFactor(0, 0) self.splitter.setStretchFactor(1, 1) self.splitter.addWidget(self.treeView) self.splitter.addWidget(self.text) # dialog buttons self.buttons = QDialogButtonBox( QDialogButtonBox.Ok | QDialogButtonBox.Cancel ) # window to create confirmation and cancellation buttons # === Layout === # Horizontal Div. layout = QVBoxLayout() # layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) # layout.setSpacing(0) layout.addWidget(self.splitter) layout.addWidget(self.buttons) self.setLayout(layout)
[docs] def generate(self): """Method to (recursively) build the tree (view) of the data object.""" self.treeDict = dict() for key in self.keys: self.genTreeDict(key, self.treeDict) self.genTreeView(self.treeDict) # set first row active & expand all branches index = self.treeView.model().index(0, 0) self.treeView.setCurrentIndex(index) self.treeView.expandAll() wHint = self.treeView.sizeHintForColumn(0) self.treeView.setMinimumWidth(wHint) self.treeView.setColumnWidth(0, wHint) if not self.expandAll: self.treeView.collapseAll()
[docs] def genTreeDict(self, key, parent): """Generate a dict structure of the classes recursively on the parent dict.""" parent[key] = dict() for typ in self.classDict[key]["daughters"]: if key == self.classDict[typ]["mother"]: self.genTreeDict(typ, parent[key])
[docs] def genTreeView(self, tree, parent=None): """Generate the view item structure on the parent item.""" # init if root if parent is None: parent = self.treeView.rootNode self.treeView.rootNode.removeRows(0, self.treeView.rootNode.rowCount()) for key, item in tree.items(): desc = ( f"Class: {key} \nPackage: {self.classDict[key]['package']}" + f"\nDescription: {self.classDict[key]['desc']}" ) row = self.addRow(parent, key, desc) if item: self.genTreeView(item, parent=row)
[docs] def addRow(self, parent, name="", desc=""): """Add a new row to the parent item.""" item = QtGui.QStandardItem(name) item.setEditable(False) item.setData(desc) parent.appendRow([item]) return item