Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Tools.FloatEdit

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from re import compile, search

from PySide2 import QtGui
from PySide2.QtGui import QDoubleValidator
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QLineEdit

from ...GUI import gui_option

_float_re = compile(r"(([+-]?\d+(\.\d*)?|\.\d+)([eE][+-]?\d+)?)")

[docs]def valid_float_string(string): """ Parameters ---------- string : Returns ------- """ match = return match.groups()[0] == string if match else False
[docs]class FloatEdit(QLineEdit): """A Line Edit Widget optimized to input float""" def __init__(self, unit="", *args, **kwargs): """Same constructor as QLineEdit + config validator""" self.unit = unit self.u = gui_option.unit # Call the Line Edit constructor super(FloatEdit, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) # Setup the validator Validator = FloatValidator(-1e18, 1e18, 10) Validator.Notation = QDoubleValidator.ScientificNotation self.setValidator(Validator)
[docs] def setValue(self, value): """Allow to set the containt of the Widget with a float Parameters ---------- self : A FloatEdit object value : A float value to set the Text Returns ------- """ if value is None: self.clear() else: if self.unit == "m": self.setText(format(self.u.get_m(value), ".8g")) else: self.setText(format(value, ".8g"))
[docs] def value(self): """Return the content of the Widget as a float Parameters ---------- self : A FloatEdit object Returns ------- """ try: self.setText(self.validator().fixup_txt(self.text(), self.u, self.unit)) value = float(self.text()) if self.unit == "m": return self.u.set_m(value) else: return value except Exception: return None
[docs]class FloatValidator(QDoubleValidator): """DoubleValidator with fixup method to correct the input"""
[docs] def validate(self, string, position): """ Parameters ---------- string : position : Returns ------- """ string = string.replace(",", ".") match = search(r"^[+-]?($|(\d+\.?|\.?(\d+|$))\d*($|([eE][+-]?)?\d*$))", string) is_intermediate = True if match else False if valid_float_string(string): state = QtGui.QValidator.Acceptable elif is_intermediate: state = QtGui.QValidator.Intermediate else: state = QtGui.QValidator.Invalid return (state, string, position)
[docs] def fixup_txt(self, text, gui_unit, val_unit): """When the input text is wrong, fixup is called to correct it in the field Parameters ---------- self : A FloatValidator object text : The text to correct gui_unit : Current gui unit system val_unit : Unit used by the FloatEdit Returns ------- """ if text != "": # We can't correct an empty text # 12,10 can't be converted to float 12.10 can text = text.replace(",", ".") try: top = bottom = self.bottom() # Check unit if val_unit == "m": top = gui_unit.get_m(top) bottom = gui_unit.get_m(bottom) # If the input is too high... if float(text) > top: # ... we replace it by the maximum text = str(top) # If the input is too low... elif float(text) < bottom: # ... we replace it by the minimum text = str(bottom) except ValueError: # Can't convert value to float => not complete pass return text