Source code for pyleecan.GUI.Tools.WTreeEdit.TreeEditContextMenu

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from PySide2.QtWidgets import QFileDialog, QMessageBox, QMenu, QInputDialog

from ....Functions.Load.import_class import import_class
from ....Functions.load import load

from ..ClassTreeWidget import ClassTreeWidget

FILE_TYPES = "Json (*.json);;HDF5 (*.h5)"

[docs]class TreeEditContextMenu(QMenu): def __init__(self, obj_dict, parent): super(TreeEditContextMenu, self).__init__() self._parent = parent # parent widget self._obj_dict = obj_dict is_root = False if self._obj_dict["parent"] is None: is_root = True # === Common Actions ==== # info info = self.addAction(self._obj_dict["property"] + " - Property") self.addSeparator() # new / load actionNewObj = self.addAction("New Object") actionImportObj = self.addAction("Import Object") self.addSeparator() # save / set none actionSaveObj = self.addAction("Save Object" if is_root else "Export Object") actionSetNone = self.addAction("Set to None") # === Filter Actions Aviability === obj = self._obj_dict["obj"] ref_type = self._obj_dict["ref_typ"] info.setEnabled(False) if ref_type not in parent.class_dict.keys(): actionSaveObj.setEnabled(False) if obj is None: actionSetNone.setEnabled(False) actionSaveObj.setEnabled(False) if is_root: actionNewObj.setEnabled(False) actionSetNone.setEnabled(False) actionImportObj.setEnabled(True) actionSaveObj.setEnabled(True) if isinstance(obj, (list, dict)) or ref_type in ["list", "dict"]: actionNewObj.setEnabled(False) actionSaveObj.setEnabled(False) actionImportObj.setEnabled(False) if parent.isListType(ref_type) or parent.isDictType(ref_type): self.addSeparator() actionAppendElement = self.addAction("Append Element") actionAppendElement.triggered.connect(self.appendElement) if obj_dict["parent_typ"] == "list": self.addSeparator() actionRemoveElement = self.addAction("Remove Element") actionRemoveElement.triggered.connect(self.removeElement) actionInsertElement = self.addAction("Insert Element") actionInsertElement.triggered.connect(self.insertElement) if obj_dict["parent_typ"] == "dict": self.addSeparator() actionRemoveElement = self.addAction("Remove Element") actionRemoveElement.triggered.connect(self.removeElement) # === Common Signals === actionNewObj.triggered.connect(self.newObject) actionSaveObj.triggered.connect(self.saveObject) actionImportObj.triggered.connect(self.loadObject) actionSetNone.triggered.connect(self.setNone)
[docs] def setProp(self, value): """ Method to set the object, i.e. the respective parents property, list index or dict key respectively. """ parent_obj = self._obj_dict["parent"] if isinstance(parent_obj, (list, dict)): parent_obj[self._obj_dict["index"]] = value else: setattr(parent_obj, self._obj_dict["property"], value) return True
[docs] def setNone(self): """Set respective pyleecan class property to None.""" self.setProp(None)
[docs] def getNewObject(self, ref_type=None): """Get a new object from the user.""" keys = [self._obj_dict["ref_typ"]] if ref_type is None else [ref_type] dialog = ClassTreeWidget(keys) if dialog.exec(): cls_name = dialog.getSelectedClass() new_obj = import_class("pyleecan.Classes", cls_name, "")() return new_obj
[docs] def newObject(self): """Get a new object from the user and set it to the respective property.""" new_obj = self.getNewObject() if new_obj is not None: self.setProp(new_obj)
[docs] def saveObject(self): """Slot for saving the data.""" path = "" path = QFileDialog.getSaveFileName(self,"Save file"), path, FILE_TYPES) if path[0] == "": return False self._obj_dict["obj"].save(path[0]) if self._obj_dict["parent"] is None: self._parent.setSaveNeeded(False) return True
[docs] def loadObject(self): """Load an object.""" if self._obj_dict["parent"] is None: reply = QMessageBox.warning( self, "Are you sure?", "The reference to the 'Design' machine will be lost, if an object is " + "imported. \nSwitching to 'Design' will restore the reference " + "but also replace the imported object without any warning.", QMessageBox.Ok | QMessageBox.Cancel, QMessageBox.Cancel, ) if reply != QMessageBox.Ok: return # Ask the user to select a .json, h5, ... file to load path = "" load_path = str( QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(self,"Load file"), path, FILE_TYPES)[0] ) if load_path != "": try: obj = load(load_path) except Exception as e: msg ="While loading file the follow error occured:\n") QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"), msg + f"{type(e).__name__}: {str(e)}" ) return if self._obj_dict["parent"] is not None: obj_type = type(obj).__name__ # get the allowed object types for this property ref_type = self._obj_dict["ref_typ"] daughter_types = self._parent.class_dict[ref_type]["daughters"] if obj_type == ref_type or obj_type in daughter_types: print(f"Loaded class {type(obj).__name__}") self.setProp(obj) else: msg = f"Wrong object type '{obj_type}', '{ref_type}' expected." QMessageBox().critical(self,"Error"), else: self._parent.update(obj)
[docs] def appendElement(self): """Append an element to the list.""" ref_type = self._obj_dict["ref_typ"] if not (self._parent.isListType(ref_type) or self._parent.isDictType(ref_type)): return # this should not happen ref_type = ref_type[1:-1] obj = self._obj_dict["obj"] # get the new object new_obj = self.getNewObject(ref_type=ref_type) if new_obj is None: return # append the new object to the list if self._parent.isListType(self._obj_dict["ref_typ"]): if obj is None: self.setProp([]) obj = getattr(self._obj_dict["parent"], self._obj_dict["property"]) obj.append(new_obj) elif self._parent.isDictType(self._obj_dict["ref_typ"]): # get a valid dict key for the new object from user valid = False while not valid: key, ok = QInputDialog.getText( self,"Input Dialog"),"Key:") ) if ok: if key in obj.keys(): msg ="Key already exists, please choose another one.") QMessageBox().critical(self,"Error"), else: try: if obj is None: self.setProp({}) obj = getattr( self._obj_dict["parent"], self._obj_dict["property"] ) obj[key] = new_obj valid = True except Exception as e: msg = "While setting the key the follow error occured:\n" ) QMessageBox().critical( self,"Error"), msg + f"{type(e).__name__}: {str(e)}", ) else: # user canceled return
[docs] def removeElement(self): """Remove an element from the list.""" parent = self._obj_dict["parent"] if self._obj_dict["parent_typ"] == "list": parent.pop(self._obj_dict["index"]) elif self._obj_dict["parent_typ"] == "dict": del parent[self._obj_dict["index"]]
[docs] def insertElement(self): """Insert an element in the list.""" if not self._obj_dict["parent_typ"] == "list": return parent = self._obj_dict["parent"] # get the new object new_obj = self.getNewObject() if new_obj is None: return # insert the new object to the list parent.insert(self._obj_dict["index"], new_obj)