Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Geometry.Arc2.check

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from numpy import pi

[docs]def check(self): """assert that the arc is correct (begin != center) Parameters ---------- self : Arc2 An Arc2 object Returns ------- None Raises ------ PointArc2Error The beginning point and the ending point of an Arc2 can't be the same AngleArc2Error An Arc2 can't have a null opening angle """ if self.begin == or (abs(self.begin) == 0 and abs( == 0): raise PointArc2Error ("The beginning point and the center of an Arc2 can't be the same") if self.angle == 0: raise AngleArc2Error("An arc can't have a null opening angle") if self.angle == 2 * pi: raise AngleArc2Error("You can't draw a circle with an Arc2")
[docs]class PointArc2Error(Exception): """ """ pass
[docs]class AngleArc2Error(Exception): """ """ pass