Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Machine.Bore.plot

from ....Functions.init_fig import init_fig
from ....definitions import config_dict


[docs]def plot(self, fig=None, ax=None): """Plot the Bore in a matplotlib fig Parameters ---------- self : Bore A Bore object fig : if None, open a new fig and plot, else add to the current one (Default value = None) Returns ------- fig : Matplotlib.figure.Figure Figure containing the plot ax : Matplotlib.axes.Axes object Axis containing the plot """ surf = self.get_surface() # Display the result (fig, ax, patch_leg, label_leg) = init_fig(fig, ax) ax.set_xlabel("(m)") ax.set_ylabel("(m)") ax.set_title("Bore") # Add the Bore to the fig if self.get_is_stator: patches = surf.get_patches(color=STATOR_COLOR) else: patches = surf.get_patch(color=ROTOR_COLOR) for patch in patches: ax.add_patch(patch) # Axis Setup ax.axis("equal") return fig, ax