Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Machine.LamSlotWind.check

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from ....Classes.Lamination import Lamination
from ....Methods.Machine.LamSlotWind import *

[docs]def check(self): """Check that the Lamination object is correct Parameters ---------- self : A LamSlotWind object Returns ------- None Raises _______ LWC_SlotTooLong The Slot is too long for the lamination (HYoke <0) LWC_MismatchPhase The Winding and the Converter don't have the same number of phase LWC_OverlappingSlot The Lamination has overlapping slot """ Lamination.check(self) self.winding.conductor.check() self.slot.check() if self.comp_height_yoke() < 0: raise LWC_SlotTooLong("The Slot is too long for the lamination " "(HYoke <0)") """ Wt = self.slot.comp_tooth_widths()["WTooth_min"] if Wt < 0: raise LWC_OverlappingSlot("The Lamination has overlapping slot") """