Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Machine.WindingSC.comp_periodicity

from ....Classes.Lamination import Lamination

[docs]def comp_periodicity(self): """Computes the winding matrix (anti-)periodicity Parameters ---------- self : WindingSC A WindingSC object Returns ------- per_a: int Number of spatial periods of the winding is_aper_a: bool True if the winding is anti-periodic over space """ lamination = self.parent if lamination is not None: # Call comp_periodicity of Lamination class since squirrel cage periodicity # depends on lamination properties: number of pole pairs and number of slots per_a, is_aper_a = Lamination.comp_periodicity_spatial(lamination) if is_aper_a: # Multiply periodicity by 2 to be compliant with Winding.comp_periodicity() per_a = int(2 * per_a) return per_a, is_aper_a else: return None, False