Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Optimization.OptiGenAlgNsga2Deap.cross

    from import cxOnePoint
except ImportError:
    cxOnePoint = None

import random

[docs]def cross(self, indiv1, indiv2): """Perform the crossover (One crossover by default) Parameters ---------- self : OptiGenNsga2Deap Optimization solver indiv1 : individual first individual to modify indiv2 : individual second individual to modify Returns ------- is_cross : bool True if the crossover append """ if random.random() < self.p_cross: if self.crossover == None: if cxOnePoint == None: raise ImportError("deap module is needed.") else: cxOnePoint(indiv1, indiv2) else: self.crossover(indiv1, indiv2) return True else: return False