Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Output.OutLoss.get_power_dict

[docs]def get_power_dict(self): """Return a dictionnary with all the scalar losses Parameters ---------- self : OutLoss An OutLoss object Returns ------- power_dict : {float} Dictionnary of all the scalar losses """ if self.parent is None: raise Exception("Error: OutLoss is not in Output object") out = self.parent if out.elec is None or out.elec.OP is None: raise Exception("Error: OP is not set") power_dict = dict( [ (, o.get_loss_scalar(out.elec.OP.felec)) for o in self.loss_dict.values() ] ) if out.mag is not None and out.mag.Pem_av is not None: power_dict["total_power"] = out.mag.Pem_av return power_dict