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from inspect import signature
from os.path import join

from ....Functions.Plot import dict_2D, dict_3D

[docs]def run(self, output): """Execute the plot contained in the PostPlot object and save it to save_path Parameters ---------- self : PostPlot A PostPlot object output : Output an Output object """ output.get_logger().info("Running Post-processing: " + try: if self.quantity is not None: obj = output.get_data_from_str(self.quantity) else: obj = output # Get plot method plot_method = getattr(obj, self.method) # Path to save the figure if save_path is not already in param_dict and is an argument of the plot method if "save_path" not in self.param_dict and "save_path" in str( signature(plot_method) ): # Get path of results folder in the Output result_path = output.get_path_result() # Check in case format begins with a "." if self.save_format[0] == ".": str_format = self.save_format else: str_format = "." + self.save_format # Build save_path of the picture self.param_dict["save_path"] = join(result_path, + str_format) # Disabling the display of the figure when plotting if "is_show_fig" not in self.param_dict: self.param_dict["is_show_fig"] = False # Add window title self.param_dict["win_title"] = # Adding colors and fonts if self.method == "plot_2D_Data": self.param_dict = dict(self.param_dict, **dict_2D) self.param_dict["fund_harm_dict"] = output.get_fund_harm(obj) elif self.method == "plot_3D_Data": self.param_dict = dict(self.param_dict, **dict_3D) # Execute plot method plot_method( *self.param_list, **self.param_dict, ) except Exception as e: output.get_logger().error( "Error while running Post-processing: " + + "\n" + str(e) )