Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Slot.HoleM58.comp_magnetization_dict

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from numpy import pi
from pyleecan.Classes.Segment import Segment

[docs]def comp_magnetization_dict(self, is_north=True): """Compute the dictionary of the magnetization direction of the magnets (key=magnet_X, value=angle[rad]) Mangetization angle with Hole centered on Ox axis Parameters ---------- self : HoleM58 a HoleM58 object is_north: True True: comp north magnetization, else add pi [rad] Returns ------- mag_dict: dict magnetization dictionary (key=magnet_X, value=angle[rad]) """ # Comp magnet point_dict = self._comp_point_coordinate() mag_dict = dict() S0 = Segment(point_dict["Z6"], point_dict["Z7"]) mag_dict["magnet_0"] = S0.comp_normal() if not is_north: mag_dict["magnet_0"] += pi if self.magnetization_dict_offset is not None: for key, value in self.magnetization_dict_offset: mag_dict[key] += value return mag_dict