Source code for pyleecan.Methods.Slot.SlotW16.build_geometry

[docs]def build_geometry(self): """Compute the curve (Line) needed to plot the Slot. The ending point of a curve is the starting point of the next curve in the list Parameters ---------- self : SlotW16 A SlotW16 object Returns ------- curve_list: llist A list of 4 Segment and 5 Arc """ line_dict = self._comp_line_dict() curve_list = [ line_dict["1-2"], line_dict["2-3"], line_dict["3-4"], line_dict["4-5"], line_dict["5-6"], line_dict["6-7"], line_dict["7-8"], line_dict["8-9"], line_dict["9-10"], ] return [line for line in curve_list if line is not None]