Project organization

This page introduces the PYLEECAN file organization: you will find out how the modules are sorted and what are the folders in the project. We will also talk about PYLEECAN repositories.

File organization

The files of PYLEECAN 1.0 are sorted in several folders according to the following rules:

  • Classes folder contains all the classes built by the code generator.

  • Methods folder contains all the methods of the classes sorted in subfolder by types:

    • Machine

    • Slot

    • Simulation

    • Material

    • etc .

    These methods are imported and assigned to the correct class during the automated code generation. The method of a class can also be sorted in separated folders.

  • GUI folder contains the code for the Graphical User Interface sorted by widget.

  • Function folder contains general functions that can be used by several methods (for instance FFT computation, interaction with other software…).

  • Tests folder contains all the unittest and the validation cases. The subfolders follow the organization of the tested folders (Classes, Methods, GUI…).

PYLEECAN repositories

PYLEECAN has currently two repositories: