Arc (class)

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class Arc(label='', init_dict=None)[source]

Bases: pyleecan.Classes.Line.Line

Abstract class for arc

draw_FEMM(nodeprop=None, maxseg=None, propname=None, hide=False, group=None)

Draw the Arc object in FEMM and assign the property

  • nodeprop
    Nodal property
    (Default value = None)
  • maxseg
    Meshed with elements that span at most maxsegdeg degrees per element
    (Default value = None)
  • propname
    Boundary property ’propname’
    (Default value = None)
  • hide
    0 = not hidden in post-processor, 1 == hidden in post processor
    (Default value = False)
  • group
    the group the Arc1 object belongs
    (Default value = None)

Return type:


intersect_line(Z1, Z2)

Return a list (0, 1 or 2 complex) of coordinates of the intersection of the arc with a line defined by two complex

Parameters:self (Arc) – An Arc object
Returns:Z_list – Complex coordinates of the intersection (if any)
Return type:list

Check is a point defined by its complex coordinate is on the arc

  • self (Arc) – An Arc object
  • Z (complex) – Complex coordinate of the point

is_on_arc – True if the point is on the arc

Return type:


split_line(Z1, Z2, is_top=True, is_join=False, label_join='')

Cut the Arc according to a line defined by two complex

  • self (Segment) – An Segment object
  • Z1 (complex) – First point of the cutting Line
  • Z2 (complex) – Second point of the cutting Line
  • is_top (bool) – True to keep the part above the cutting line. “Above” is in the coordinate system with Z1 in 0 and Z2 on the X>0 axis
  • is_join (bool) – True to join the split_list with Segment if there is more that one remaining parts
  • label_join (str) – Label of the join line

split_list – The selected part of the arc (0, 1 or 2 arc depending on cutting point)

Return type:



Save the object to the save_path

  • self – A pyleecan object
  • save_path (str) – path to the folder to save the object

Get the object logger or its parent’s one

Parameters:obj – A pyleecan object
Returns:logger – Pyleecan object dedicated logger
Return type:logging.Logger

Convert this objet in a json seriable dict (can be use in __init__)