pyleecan.Functions.Electrical.comp_MTPA module

comp_MTPA(machine, LUT, N0_min, N0_max, Nspeed, Ntorque, I_max, U_max, Rs=None, Tsta=20, n_Id=100, n_Iq=100, is_plot=False)[source]

Return the Air Gap Surface Force

  • machine (machine) – A machine object

  • LUT (LUTdq) – A look up table object

  • Tem_vect (ndarray) – Array of requested torque level

  • N0_vect (ndarray) – Array of requested speeds

  • I_max (float) – Maximum current [Arms]

  • U_max (float) – Maximum voltage [Vrms]

  • Rs (float) – Stator phase resistance to enforce [Ohm]

  • Tsta (float) – Stator widning temperature to enforce [deg]

  • n_Id (int) – Desciretization number to interpolate along d-axis

  • n_Iq (int) – Desciretization number to interpolate along q-axis


  • OP_matrix_MTPA (ndarray) – OP_matrix resulting from MTPA strategy

  • U_MTPA (ndarray) – Output voltage [Vrms]

  • I_MTPA (ndarray) – Output current [Arms]