comp_FEMM_Phi_wind (method)

comp_FEMM_Phi_wind(qs, Npcpp, is_stator, Lfemm, L1, sym, is_rescale_flux=True)[source]

Compute the total fluxlinkage of the winding phases

  • qs (int) – number of phases
  • Npcpp (int) – number of parallel circuits per phase (maximum 2p)
  • is_stator (bool) – true if windings are stator windings
  • Lfemm (float) – lenght of FEMM model
  • L1 (float) – actual lenght for rescaling fluxlinkage
  • sym (int) – symmetry factor (ie. 1 = full machine, 2 = half machine …)
  • is_rescale_flux (bool) – True if rescaling should be applied

Phi_wind – fluxlinkage of the winding phases [Vs]

Return type: