create_FEMM_magnet (method)

@package set_FEMM_magnet @date Created on août 09 17:40 2018 @author franco_i @TODO: it would be better to have the magnets as input instead of the lamination @TODO: decision about the magnet renaming, removed at the moment

create_FEMM_magnet(label, is_mmf, is_eddies, materials, lam)[source]

Set the material of the magnet in FEMM

  • label (str) – label of the magnet
  • is_mmfr (bool) – 1 to compute the lamination magnetomotive force / magnetic field
  • is_eddies (bool) – 1 to calculate eddy currents
  • materials (list) – list of materials already created in FEMM
  • lam (LamSlotMag) – Lamination to set the magnet material

property, materials

Return type:

(str, list)