pyleecan.Functions.FEMM.set_FEMM_wind_material module

set_FEMM_wind_material(femm, materials, cname, Jcus=0, Cduct=None, dwire=None)[source]

Create or update the property of a winding material

  • femm (FEMMHandler) – client to send command to a FEMM instance

  • materials (list) – list the name of all materials

  • cname (str) – name of the material to create/update

  • Jcus (float) – Applied source current density [A/mm^2]

  • Cduct (float) – Electrical conductivity of the material [MS/m]

  • dwire (float) – Diameter of each of the wire’s constituent strand [mm]


circuits – list the name of the circuits in FEMM

Return type: