draw_GMSH (method)

draw_GMSH(output, sym, boundary_prop, boundary_list, surface_label, is_antiper=False, is_remove_vent=False, is_remove_slotS=False, is_remove_slotR=False, is_lam_only_S=False, is_lam_only_R=False, kgeo_fineness=1, kmesh_fineness=1, user_mesh_dict={}, path_save='GMSH_model.msh', is_sliding_band=False, is_airbox=False, transform_list=[], is_set_labels=False)[source]

Draws a machine mesh in GMSH format

  • output (Output) – Output object

  • sym (int) – the symmetry applied on the stator and the rotor (take into account antiperiodicity)

  • boundary_prop (dict) – dictionary to match FEA boundary conditions (dict values) with line labels (dict keys) that are set in the build_geometry methods

  • boundary_list (list) – list of boundary condition names

  • surface_label (dict) – dict for the translation of the actual surface labels into FEA software compatible labels

  • is_remove_vent (bool) – True to remove the ventilation ducts (Default value = False)

  • is_remove_slotS (bool) – True to solve without slot effect on the Stator (Default value = False)

  • is_remove_slotR (bool) – True to solve without slot effect on the Rotor (Default value = False)

  • kgeo_fineness (float) – global coefficient to adjust geometry fineness

  • kmesh_fineness (float) – global coefficient to adjust mesh fineness

  • is_antiper (bool) – To apply antiperiodicity boundary conditions

  • is_lam_only_S (bool) – Draw only stator lamination

  • is_lam_only_R (bool) – Draw only rotor lamination


GMSH_dict – Dictionnary containing the main parameters of GMSH File

Return type