pyleecan.Functions.GMSH.gen_3D_mesh module

gen_3D_mesh(lamination, save_path='Lamination.msh', sym=- 1, mesh_size=0.005, user_mesh_dict=None, is_rect=False, Nlayer=20, display=True)[source]

Draw 3D mesh of the lamination :param lamination: Lamintation with slot to draw :type lamination: LamSlot :param save_path: Path to save the msh result file :type save_path: str :param sym: Number of symmetry to apply :type sym: int :param mesh_size: Size of the mesh [m] :type mesh_size: float :param user_mesh_dict: To enforce the number of elements on the lines :type user_mesh_dict: dict :param is_rect: To use rectangular elements :type is_rect: bool :param Nlayer: Number of mesh layer on Z axis :type Nlayer: int :param display: To display gmsh logs :type display: bool

Return type: