save_hdf5 (method)

save_hdf5(obj, save_path)[source]

Save a pyleecan obj in hdf5 format

  • obj (Pyleecan object) – object to save

  • save_path (str) – file path

pyleecan_dict_to_hdf5(file, obj)[source]

Save a dict from a pyleecan object in the hdf5 file

  • file (hdf5 file) –

  • obj (Pyleecan object) – object to save

list_to_hdf5(file, group_name, name, list_to_save)[source]

Save a list in the hdf5 file : save it as a ndarray if possible

  • file (HDF5 file) – file to save the data

  • group_name (str) – name of the group

  • name (str) – name to extend the group or to contain the dataset

  • list_to_save (list) – list to save

dict_to_hdf5(file, prefix, dict_to_save)[source]

Save a list in the hdf5 file

variable_to_hdf5(file, prefix, variable, name)[source]