pyleecan.Functions.labels module


Spit the label to return a dict with the main information

update_RTS_index(label=None, label_dict=None, R_id=None, T_id=None, S_id=None, surf_type_label=None)[source]

Update the index part of a label Stator_Winding_R0-T0-S0 => Stator_Winding_RX-TY-SZ

  • label (str) – Label to update

  • label_dict (dict) – Split dict of the label (to avoid decoding twice)

  • R_id (int) – Radial index to use

  • T_id (int) – Tangantial index to use

  • S_id (int) – Slot index to use

  • surf_type_label (str) – To overwritte the surf_type part of the label

get_obj_from_label(machine, label=None, label_dict=None)[source]

Return the object from the machine corresponding to the label


Returns a short version of a label