load (method)


Load a json file

Parameters:file_path (str) – path to the file to load
Returns:json_data – data of the json file
Return type:json decoded data type

Initialize pyleecan objects (by init_dict) within list and/or dict data structure. Non pyleecan, list or dict type data will be kept as they are.

Parameters:obj (object) – list/dict containing pyleecan init_dict data
Returns:initialized pyleecan objects within a list or dict
Return type:data

Load a pyleecan object from a json file

Parameters:file_path (str) – path to the file to load

Load all the Material json file from a folder and subfolder

Parameters:mat_path (str) – path to the file to load
Returns:matlib – List of Material object
Return type:list
exception LoadMissingFileError[source]

Bases: Exception

exception LoadMissingFolderError[source]

Bases: Exception

exception LoadWrongDictClassError[source]

Bases: Exception

exception LoadWrongTypeError[source]

Bases: Exception

exception LoadSwitchError[source]

Bases: Exception