draw_FEMM (method)

draw_FEMM(self, nodeprop=None, maxseg=None, propname=None, elementsize=None, automesh=None, hide=False, group=None)[source]

draw the Surface in FEMM

  • nodeprop
    Nodal property
    (Default value = None)
  • maxseg
    Meshed with elements that span at most maxsegdeg degrees per element
    (Default value = None)
  • propname
    Boundary property ’propname’
    (Default value = None)
  • elementsize – Local element size along segment no greater than elementsize (Default value = None)
  • automesh – 0 = mesher defers to the element constraint defined by elementsize, 1 = mesher automatically chooses mesh size along the selected segments (Default value = None)
  • hide – 0 = not hidden in post-processor, 1 == hidden in post processor (Default value = False)
  • group
    the group the SurLine object belongs
    (Default value = None)

Return type: