plot (method)

plot(self, fig=None, ax=None, color='w', edgecolor='k', is_edge_only=False, linestyle=None, is_disp_point_ref=False, is_show_fig=True)[source]

Plot the Surface patch in a matplotlib fig

  • self (Surface) – A Surface object

  • fig – if None, open a new fig and plot, else add to the current one (Default value = None)

  • color – the color of the patch (Default value = PATCH_COLOR)

  • edgecolor – the edge color of the patch (Default value = PATCH_EDGE)

  • is_edge_only (bool) – To set the transparancy of the face color to 0 and 1 for the edge color

  • linestyle (str) – Line style of the edge {‘-‘, ‘–’, ‘-.’, ‘:’, ‘’, (offset, on-off-seq), …}

  • is_disp_point_ref (bool) – True to add the point_ref

  • is_show_fig (bool) – To call show at the end of the methods


Return type