pyleecan.Methods.Import.ImportGenPWM.comp_voltage module

comp_voltage(self, Tpwmu, PF_angle=0, is_sin=True, is_norm=True)[source]

Generalized DPWM using numerical method according to ‘Impact of Modulation Schemes on DC-Link Capacitor of VSI in HEV Applications’

  • Tpwmu (ndarray) – time vector

  • PF_angle (float) – power factor angle only for GDPWM, default to 0

  • is_sin (bool) – True to generate sine wave, False to generate cosine wave

  • is_norm (int) – True to normalize signal between -1 and 1


  • v_pwm (ndarray) – n-phase PWM voltage waveform

  • Vas (ndarray) – modulation waveform

  • M_I (float) – modulation index

  • carrier (ndarray) – carrier waveform