pyleecan.Methods.Machine.Conductor.comp_skin_effect_inductance module

comp_skin_effect_inductance(self, freq, T_op=20, T_ref=20, b4=None, h4=None, zt=None)[source]

Compute the skin effect factor on inductance for the conductors from “Design of Rotating Electrical Machines”, J. Pyrhonen, second edition All parameters bc, h4, z4, are defined in Fig(4.14) p.249

  • self (Conductor) – an Conductor object

  • freq (float or ndarray) – electrical frequency [Hz]

  • T_op (float) – Conductor operational temperature [degC]

  • T_ref (float) – Conductor reference temperature [degC]

  • b4 (float) – Slot width [m]

  • h4 (float) – Slot height [m]

  • zt (int) – Number of radial adjacent conductors


kl_skin – skin effect coeff for inductance at given frequency and temperature

Return type: