pyleecan.Methods.Machine.LamH.plot module

plot(self, fig=None, ax=None, is_lam_only=False, sym=1, alpha=0, delta=0, is_edge_only=False, edgecolor=None, is_add_arrow=False, is_show_fig=True, save_path=None, win_title=None, is_clean_plot=False)[source]

Plot a Lamination with Buried Magnets in a matplotlib fig

  • self (LamH) – A LamH object

  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – existing figure to use if None create a new one

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – Axis on which to plot the data

  • is_lam_only (bool) – True to plot only the lamination (remove the magnets)

  • sym (int) – Symmetry factor (1= plot full machine, 2= half of the machine…)

  • alpha (float) – angle for rotation (Default value = 0) [rad]

  • delta (complex) – complex for translation (Default value = 0)

  • is_edge_only (bool) – To plot transparent Patches

  • edgecolor – Color of the edges if is_edge_only=True

  • is_add_arrow (bool) – To add an arrow for the magnetization

  • is_show_fig (bool) – To call show at the end of the method

  • save_path (str) – full path including folder, name and extension of the file to save if save_path is not None

  • win_title (str) – Window title

  • is_clean_plot (bool) – True to remove title, legend, axis (only machine on plot with white background)


  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – Figure containing the plot

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – Axis containing the plot