pyleecan.Methods.Machine.LamSlotWind.comp_lengths_winding module


Compute the lengths of the Lamination’s Winding. - Lwtot : total length of lamination winding incl. end-windings and radial ventilation ducts [m]. - Lwact : active length of lamination winding excl. end-windings and radial ventilation ducts [m]. - Lewt : total end-winding length [m]. - Lew : end-winding length on one side for a half-turn - Lwvent : length of lamination winding in the radial ventilation ducts [m] :param self: a LamSlotWind object :type self: LamSlotWind


L_dict – Dictionary of the length (Lwtot, Lwact, Lew, Lwvent)

Return type: