pyleecan.Methods.Machine.Lamination.build_yoke_side_line module

build_yoke_side_line(self, sym, vent_surf_list, ZBR=None, ZTR=None, ZBL=None, ZTL=None)[source]

Define the Yoke Side lines of a Lamination by taking into account sym and vent

  • self (Lamination) – a Lamination object

  • sym (int) – Symmetry factor (1= full machine, 2= half of the machine…)

  • vent_surf_list – List of the ventilation surfaces

  • ZBR (Complex) – Yoke Side Limit point Bottom Right

  • ZTR (Complex) – Yoke Side Limit point Top Right

  • ZBL (Complex) – Yoke Side Limit point Bottom Left

  • ZTL (Complex) – Yoke Side Limit point Top Left


right_list, left_list – List of the lines to draw the left and right side of the yoke

Return type:

([Line], [Line])

merge_line_list(Z1, Z2, label, inter_list)[source]

Merge the ventilation lines and the yoke side line