get_field (method)

get_field(self, label=None, index=None, indices=None, is_rthetaz=False, is_radial=False, is_normal=False, is_rms=False, is_center=False, is_surf=False, args=None)[source]

Return the solution corresponding to label or an index.

  • self (MeshSolution) – an MeshSolution object

  • label (str) – a label

  • index (int) – an index

  • indices (list) – list of indices to extract from mesh and field

  • is_rthetaz (bool) – cylindrical coordinates

  • is_radial (bool) – radial component only

  • is_normal (bool) – normal component only (on nodes or centers)

  • is_rms (bool) – rms over surface sum((F.n)**2 dS)/S

  • is_center (bool) – field at cell centers

  • is_surf (bool) – field over outer surface


result – field

Return type