plot_A_cfft2 (method)

plot_A_cfft2(self, Data_str, is_elecorder=False, is_spaceorder=False, freq_max=20000, r_max=100, mag_max=1.0, N_stem=100, disp_negative=False, is_norm=False, unit='SI')[source]

3D stem plot of the 2D Fourier Transform of a field

  • self (Output) – an Output object
  • Data_str (str) – name of the Data Object to plot (e.g. “mag.Br”)
  • is_elecorder (bool) – boolean indicating if we want to use the electrical order for the fft axis
  • is_spaceorder (bool) – boolean indicating if we want to use the spatial order for the fft axis
  • freq_max (int) – maximum value of the frequency for the fft axis
  • r_max (int) – maximum value of the wavenumber for the fft axis
  • mag_max (int) – maximum value of the magnitude
  • N_stem (int) – number of stems to plot
  • disp_negative (bool) – plot negative frequencies
  • is_norm (bool) – boolean indicating if the field must be normalized
  • unit (str) – unit in which to plot the field