plot_A_quiver_2D (method)

plot_A_quiver_2D(self, Data_str, t=None, t_index=0, is_norm=False, unit='SI', is_show_fig=None, save_path=None, fig=None, ax=None)[source]

Plots a field as a function of space (angle)

  • self (Output) – an Output object

  • Data_str (str) – name of the Data object to plot (e.g. “mag.Br”)

  • t (float) – time value at which to slice

  • t_index (int) – time index at which to slice

  • is_norm (bool) – boolean indicating if the field must be normalized

  • unit (str) – unit in which to plot the field

  • is_show_fig (bool) – True to show figure after plot

  • save_path (str) – full path including folder, name and extension of the file to save if save_path is not None

  • fig (Matplotlib.figure.Figure) – existing figure to use if None create a new one

  • ax (Matplotlib.axes.Axes object) – ax on which to plot the data