pyleecan.Methods.Output.XOutput.plot_pareto module

plot_pareto(self, x_symbol, y_symbol, c_symbol=None, cmap=None, ax=None, title=None, grid=False, is_show_fig=True, save_path=None)[source]

Plot the pareto front for 2 objective functions

  • self (XOutput) –

  • x_symbol (str) – symbol of the first objective function

  • y_symbol (str) – symbol of the second objective function

  • c_symbol (str) – optional symbol to set the plot colors

  • cmap (colormap) – optional colormap

  • is_show_fig (bool) – True to show figure after plot

  • save_path (str) – full path of the png file where the figure is saved if save_path is not None